I was playing around with some new brushes in PhotoShop, and these happened.



Hey kids!  It’s Smarf! You gotta love Smarf. He knows how to make a stew.

This one is a bit old now.  I drew it for the 2014 TAAFI Art Book earlier this year.

Oh, and I joined Tumblr earlier this week.



I want to take a minute to talk a bit about a thing I saw.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 is coming out shortly, and the trailers, clips, and promotional footage are littered about the internet. But one piece in particular caught my attention.

Below is a short series of character studies, demonstrating how each of the Big Hero 6 characters would enter a room and sit down. A simple task performed simply enough by each, yet no two characters do it at all the same way.  As an animator, I love this. It’s a perfect example of showcasing clearly defined character personalities by building (and adhering to) specific vocabularies of movement.  And that is very much my jam.


Drew this guy this morning while sitting in bed. His name is Toby Poguestaff. He used to sell cars in Sacramento, until he ran away to join the circus. Unfortunately he didn’t pass the audition on account of a botched human-cannonball routine that blew him straight into the lion tamer’s Buick, much to the chagrin of the bearded lady, who was sleeping in the trunk at the time. He tried to sell him a replacement, but dropped the keys down a storm drain, where they were eaten by an unnaturally large mouse wearing a nicotine patch.

I recently started following Sketch_Dailies on twitter, and one of the themes this week was ‘Jackalope’, so I drew this little guy. His friends call him Jack, but he prefers Jonathan. He once wrestled a snake to impress a girl who turned out to be just a cactus seen from very far away.

Here’s the original sketch, too. I included it here because I like it. Although it’s less “jackalope” and more “just a rabbit”.

The majestic jackalope; Ficticious beast, excellent tipper, man about town.