Monthly Archives: February 2014

A friend shared this series of frame-by-frame photos of various athletes doing their thing at the 2014 Winter Olympics recently, and as an animator I think it’s awesome. Also, it’s a wonderful demonstration of the fact that competing at an Olympic level can induce the same facial expressions as eating week-old clam soup.



I recently started following Sketch_Dailies on twitter, and one of the themes this week was ‘Jackalope’, so I drew this little guy. His friends call him Jack, but he prefers Jonathan. He once wrestled a snake to impress a girl who turned out to be just a cactus seen from very far away.

Here’s the original sketch, too. I included it here because I like it. Although it’s less “jackalope” and more “just a rabbit”.

The majestic jackalope; Ficticious beast, excellent tipper, man about town.

I’ve been familiarizing myself with Photoshop lately, so I drew this koala. His name is Rugby. One time, on a trip to Bargo in 1997, he lost $6 in a poker game to David Attenborough. It was quite embarrassing, particularly since he had told his girlfriend that he’d quit gambling, and needed bus fare.