Monthly Archives: January 2013

Dance is a lot like Animation’s cousin, or some kind of fraternal twin with a mouth where one of it’s ears should be.  My point is that they both exist under the artistic umbrella of Designed Movement.  As such, dancers are mindful of some of the same things as animators; Like arcs and paths of action.

A little while ago someone showed me these spectacular time-lapsed photos by photographer Shinichi Maruyama of nude dancers.  By combining 10,000 photos the figure itself becomes abstracted and all we see is a visual representation of the dancer’s motion– the arcs.


I mean, look at those arcs! They’re clean, they work together to create an appealing pattern… They’re flipping beautiful, man!  If you’re not being mindful of this stuff the way that dancers are, you’re not really animating.

See more and read bit here.

– Lucas